How to Join Our Team
A resume is your business card that should be taken seriously.
Resume is a must to be invited to an interview
Each job position has its key qualifications and requirements, starting from the skill set to your time zone. We can invite you to an interview only when we see you are matching them. And this judgement can be made only once we read your resume.
Resume requirements
  • general information (full name, date of birth, location, contact details);
  • education;
  • work experience (including freelance work): companies' names, job titles, and job responsibilities;
  • professional skills.
Tell us more
We would like to know you better!
Tell us about your personal traits, hobbies, specific skills and abilities — anything that sets you apart from others. Your photo can be also enclosed with the resume.
Plus, we would be delighted to read your thoughts on the topic "Why I would like to work at this company".
Be honest
Be genuine when telling about yourself.
We don't tolerate exaggerations and outright lies.
7 simple tips on how to charm our HR manager
Good manners are essential.
While in an interview, shut off your cell phone or set it to silent.
If it's going to be your first interview, or you're simply nervous, let us know about it. It won't make a bad impression.
Be honest and truthful when answering questions.
Take some time to research information about the company.
Who we are? What do we do?
What makes us different from other IT companies?
Be sure to ask us questions regarding the job position and company's activity.
And, most importantly, bring a smile with you!
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